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Are you looking for a reliable company in Kelowna to design an amazing landscape? Do you want to make your outdoor space enjoyable? Our Masonry services include amazing yard designs and installation services as well. Thankfully, we have a team of professionals who are designing outdoor spaces for years. 

No matter whether you want to renovate your outdoor space or design a custom yard, we are here to help you. We have experienced staff for the installation as well. 

Let’s dig deep into our custom designing services:

Fire Pits

Yard designing and installation is one of our strongholds. We have been offering this service in the Okanagan Valley and surrounding cities for many years. Thankfully, we don’t hear any complaints because we always discuss everything before signing the contract. From cost to the material to completion time, we will guide you on everything. 

So, how much time it take to design a yard and install it? Well, it can take from one to three months. To give you the exact time, we need to know your thoughts and the size of the home. Depending on our discussion, we may uncover other factors that impact the processing time. 

Give us a call and we will be able to give you the best estimation. Rest assured, our Masonry Kelowna design and installation service ensures the highest quality. 

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We proudly work with contractors, designers, and homeowners to build stunning outdoor spaces. We create custom designs that meet your client’s needs. Depending on the choice of our customers, we build a sketch and share it with them. We only proceed when you are satisfied with our design. 

If you are looking for a private escape in your backyard, we are happy to coordinate with you. No matter the size or scope, we always deliver the best results at reliable rates. We handle masonry contracts with a professional approach to ensure the best outcome. 

From firepits to retaining walls to brick mailboxes, we have experience in everything. No matter whether you want to start from scratch or just decorate your space, we will do it for you. 

Whether you have a complete sketch in your mind or have no idea about the project, you can rely on Kelowna Masonry. During our consultation, we will help you share your thoughts and leave the rest to us. 


Buying a plastic mailbox may sound like an affordable option that looks for a while. However, it is a bad move in the long run. Most likely, kids will knock it down as a fun activity. Even if you save it from kids, it can’t handle the outdoor climate conditions for long. 

Having a permanent mailbox is always a better solution. Our masonry  company offers mailbox construction at reasonable rates. We offer custom designs to ensure it looks good with your house. 

If you need a brick mailbox that will last forever, you can trust us. Give us a call and our professional brick mailbox contractors will be at your doorstep to help you. 


Retaining walls are created to transform the hilly or uneven ground into flat land. They defend your landscape from ground collapse and soil erosion. 

A good example is a retaining wall planter that protects your plants. From bricks to natural stones, we use various materials to build retaining walls. 

To decide on the material, we need to know the aesthetics, consider drainage, height, and your choice. Once you contact our masonry Kelowna contractor, we will discuss the options and choose the best material for the retaining wall. 

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Being one of the most reputable Kelowna masonry contractors, we welcome you to schedule a consultation with us. Our experience of years in the business explains our expertise. We have served thousands of clients and the list continues.

For those who want to create something really unique, something that meets your house standards, you can trust our masonry services. For every project, we assign a dedicated professional to take care of it. Our team ensures on-team completion and the highest level of quality. 

If you are all set to transform your yard into an exceptional outdoor space, give us a call and discuss your ideas. 

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