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Fireplace Kelowna

Kelowna Pro Masonry is one of the most reliable contractors for building outdoor fire pits. We also offer fire pit maintenance and repair services in Kelowna and surrounding cities. Our expertise is not limited to fire pits as we offer many other services such as brickwork, stonework, retaining walls, and more. 

When you notice the weather begins to change, there is nothing better than building a fire pit. What’s more appealing than fire on a cold night? Would you not prefer a fire in a beautiful outdoor environment?

Fire Pits

For those who dream of building a brick or natural stone fire pit with a historic look, we are here for you. Our masonry Lakeland services include natural stone masonry for a range of outdoor projects. Moreover, we offer custom outdoor fire chimneys. 

No matter if you are looking to add a cozy fireplace or something very unique, we can help you build your dream into reality. Most importantly, we consider the overall theme of the house and outdoor space. It helps us design something that complements your house rather than looks irrelevant. 

Whether you want a gas fireplace or a conventional wood-burning chimney, we construct everything. Apart from being functional, our masonry work looks beautiful. It ensures that you enjoy your outdoor space on a chilly night. 

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Indoor fireplaces need extra care and attention because you have to build them without filling the space with smoke. Normally, indoor fire pits are designed with a chimney to handle the smoke. 

Indoor fireplaces bring your electric bills down while allowing you to have a romantic dinner next to the fire. We use both bricks and stones to design indoor fireplaces. Our masonry Lakeland uses modern tools and materials to create fireplaces. With high-quality construction, you don’t need to repair our construction for years. 

Brick Fire Pits

Brick fire pits are amazing in many ways. Firstly, bricks never go out of trend. Secondly, they are strong enough to handle the tough climate conditions. Most importantly, you can use bricks to design any type of fire pit without any worries. 

Are you looking for a traditional fireplace? Do you want to design a brick fire pit that becomes the major attraction of your outdoor or indoor space? We can build it for you. Regardless of the size or shape, we are ready to construct an amazing fireplace for you. 

Our masonry team visits your place and examines the overall theme of your house. Moreover, we discuss your ideas and concerns about the construction. And then our professionals give you some suggestions.

Stone Fire Pits

Classic and unparallel, a store fire pit gives an elegant look to your living space. With a unique fireplace, you can make a bold statement that everyone will remember for a while. 

One of the common misconceptions about stone fire pits is they can’t be constructed in modern shapes or designs. On the contrary, we can create stone fire pits in various sizes and designs. 

To build these unique structures, we use a range of stone types including ledge rock, limestone, fieldstone, sandstone, and more. Depending on the stone type, we offer a variety of textures in many colors. From golden hues to tranquil blues, there are unlimited options. 

Do you want to build a traditional mortared fire pit or a dry-stacked without mortar? Gladly, we build both of these. Based on your requirements and preference, we can design anything. 

Always Choose Best

Whether you want to create a modern indoor fireplace or a classic outdoor focal point, it is essential to choose a reliable masonry contractor. Hire someone who has experience with fireplace creations and knows how to deliver the best quality. 

Our masonry Lakeland services are well-known all over the city and surrounding towns. We use top-quality materials to construct long-lasting structures. Our team of professionals pays close attention to your requirements. From the beginning till the end, we stay in contact with you to get your feedback. Together we create something you love and would love to spend time nearby. Give us a call, discuss your ideas and we are ready to deliver the best. 

Eroded Mortar Around the fireplace

Fireplace mortar joints are liable to erosion over time by acidic water and chemicals from combustion gases. The eroded mortar can cause cracks, which facilitates water seepage – a problem that can go undetected until it’s too late!

Other signs include soot in the grate, blockages such as feathers, birds ingress, straws, sticks, and lots of soot in the grate.

To prevent dampness-based problems, add a DPC (damp-proof course) when building stack walls. Ensure the DPC extends approximately 150mm near the head and above the roof.

Install suitable flue liners carefully as not to encourage the flow of rainwater down the chute and into the fireplace. You should add caps, hoods, or cowls to prevent the entry of rainwater into the chimney, which will also solve the downdraughts problems.

Repoint the eroded mortar joints around the fireplace or fit new larger flashings that extended higher and deeper into the brickwork.

Install underfloor grille or closable vents near the fire to correct air starvation.

Add a throat restrictor to narrow the entry into the fireplace or line the flue with a suitable line to modify its size. The latter will results in smoother walls, which will increase the efficiency of smoke dispersion.

Sweep the chimney and fireplace regularly to clear blockages, dirt, and debris.

New Fire pit Construction

In as much as no masonry structure is eternal, proper installations are vital to the durability and easy maintenance of these structures. Therefore, consider the following before installing a fireplace.

Energy Efficiency

A traditional fireplace in an open room, although impressive to guests, is an energy waster. It continually sucks indoor air for burning purposes and vents most of its heat out through the chimney.

On their end, sealed units have venting, control, and mechanic systems to efficiently use indoor air, reduce thermal loss – while supplementing the house heating system.

Regardless, it’s advisable to use fireplaces as per room bases other than one fireplace to heat the entire home.

According to Steve Frederickson, a fireplace installation expert and lecturer for Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Education Foundation: “A direct-vent gas fireplace is much more efficient as a per-room space-heating option than a traditional central forced-air system (using a furnace).” He says, “It’s very wasteful keeping your whole house at 70 degrees all the time. If everyone used one of these fireplaces to heat just the room they use, when they use them, it would cut the residential heating load by 20%-25%.”


Space dictates the size and type of the fireplace to be installed, as well as the location.

Fireplaces are installed in the kitchen, living room, and other most-used rooms.

But if the goal is space heating or personal enjoyment, you can place the unit where it best serves that purpose. For instance, a fireplace can heat an office, guest room, or the sitting area of a bedroom.

In the outdoors, a backyard fireplace will enhance your family barbeque experience but will barely provide adequate heating.

Outdoor Fire Pit Cost

The cost of labor and materials for installing a new fireplace can run from several hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.

Thus, settle for the size and type of fireplace that fits your budget.

However, ensure that the fireplace built is aesthetic, durable, and quality enough to recoup your cost when selling your house.

Complying with building codes

The variety of fireplaces in existence keep growing by the day.

However, we cannot insist enough that your fire unit choice must comply with the building codes.

Local interpretations and enforcement of specifications and building codes may dictate details such as allowed fuel type, tolerable emissions, minimum clearance around vent pipes, chimney height, and the actual construction of the flue and firebox – all of which limit your choices.

Who’s best to do your fireplace installations and repairs

Ideally, settle for a professional mason who is certified, licensed, permitted, and insured to do all matters to do with fireplaces.

The mason should be professional – think of putting on paper slippers when entering your house to protect your newly laid wooden floors.

Also, they should be punctual, detail-oriented, accountable, and good communicators – like KPM here.

Don’t believe us? Check out what our clients have to say. And once done, contact us for a free estimate.

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