Retaining Wall


Masonry walls are of different types. Kelowna Masonry works on installing several type. Brick veneer walls provide cladding and only bear horizontal loads. Structural walls of concrete, on their end, can be cladding but are majorly load-bearing systems. Regardless, any brick wall should be installed and maintained properly to provide optimal thermal performance, fire safety, and acoustics.

Benefits of Retaining Wall:

  1. Prevent Flood Control With A Retaining Wall
  2. Retaining Walls Can Add An Attractive Element
  3. Provide A Solid Property Boundary Marker
  4. Slow Down Soil Erosion With A Retaining Wall
  5. Reduce Potential Damage And Maintenance

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    Demising Wall

    Ideally, demising walls should be sealed at connection points, insulated against fires, and equipped with noise abatement measures. Their construction should ensure privacy and reduce issues between adjacent occupants.

    A demising wall is a partition that separates spaces belonging to different tenants, or private tenant areas and common areas. Demising walls often have special considerations for energy efficiency, noise pollution, and tenant safety.

    Demising walls are found in apartment complexes, where the shared wall between two apartments represents a separation between areas that belong to different tenants