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Masonry Repair Kelowna

Regardless of your home style or built quality, you need masonry repairs after some time. From an aging chimney to damaged brick walls, many things require maintenance after regular intervals. 

Fortunately, masonry is one of the oldest yet long-lasting methods to build or repair homes. At Kelowna Pro Masonry, we have been offering repair services for years. From historic repairs to modern construction, we can help you with everything.


Tuckpointing is commonly known as repointing or pointing. It involves replacing an old mortar with a new one. Due to improper repair, aging, or environmental damage, tuckpointing is essential to ensure stability. Most importantly, it saves the structure from further damage. 

Tuckpointing is necessary after earthquakes, shifting, or settling the structure. While shifting or settling, cracks often appear in the structure. Moreover, it can happen over time naturally. Unfortunately, earthquakes also cause cracks in buildings. If you don’t repair these cracks immediately, they can damage the entire property. 

In addition, you may need repairs due to acid or water damage. Rain water has a high concentration of acid and aging mortars can’t handle it in the long run. With time, you notice that your structure is crumbling, which means you need tuckpointing as soon as possible. It will stop further damage. 

In any of the above conditions, maintenance must be conducted professionally and Masonry Kelowna Pro has all the needed experience. Before we select the new mortar, our masons will remove an even amount of old mortar. We apply several layers and ensure that the new mortar matches with old one. Depending on the age of the building, we decide on the right set of tools. 

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Brick Repair

Bricks are one of the oldest and most versatile materials of construction. Despite the new materials coming into the market, people still rely on bricks. Thanks to its long-lasting effect, most people use bricks and they get old as well. If you notice any changes in brick surfaces, you need to talk to a professional. 

Regardless you want to face-lift bricks or add missing mortar, we can assist you. With our specialized tuckpointing services, we ensure a balanced appearance. No matter whether it is broken blocks, erosion, or water damage, we can repair everything. 

Chimney Repair

A chimney is not just an attractive structure to enhance the look of your building. Ignoring its maintenance can result in serious consequences for the residents of the building. If your chimney has cracks or missing bricks, your fireplace is not removing the smoke effectively. Unfortunately, it exposes the residents to dangerous chemicals and gases. Moreover, it may absorb moisture resulting in more damage to the structure. Hence, it is always great to repair it immediately. 

If you are not sure whether your chimney needs maintenance or not, it is time to invite a professional team for inspection. Give us a call and our staff will visit the location as soon as possible. We will give examine your chimney and advise you accordingly. 

Crown Repair

The Crown is the cement layer at the top of the chimney. It survives environmental conditions, moisture, sealing out wind, and animals. Fortunately, reliable crowns are created with reinforcing fibers and concrete. Adding these fibers to the concrete mixture enhances their strength resulting in a reliable crown. 

Apart from the material, the design and structure also mean a lot. Thickness and overhang are the most important factors that decide the life of a crown. At Masonry Kelowna Pro, we recommend at least three inches thickness of the crown. Otherwise, it will crumble in no time. Moreover, its overhang keeps it safe from the water. 

Not only do we build quality chimney crowns, but we also offer repair services. If it is not installed properly or requires repair due to age, Lakeland Masonry services can help you. Our masons are highly qualified and know how to handle each situation. 

Foundation Waterproofing

Foundation is the most important part of any construction. Giving it enough attention and proper care can save you from a lot of trouble in the future. With chemical treatment, we offer a foundation waterproofing service in Lakeland. 

Due to ground pressure, the chances of water absorption in the foundation are much more than in other parts of the building. In case of leakage and seepage, your building’s foundation takes serious damage. With quality waterproofing, you can avoid this damage forever.

At Kelowna Pro Masonry, we offer waterproofing services that are unmatchable in the town. Invite us to visit your site and help you strengthen your structure. 

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