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Commercial Construction should be made to last. It depends on the type and quality of the materials used. Masonry is notorious for being tough enough to withstand the elements, such as rain, snow or ice.

If you are considering new commercial construction, expansion of an existing commercial structure or even just touch-ups and add-ons to your current building, you will need to pick which type of masonry to trust for the task.

  • Brick Masonry
  • Stone Masonry
  • Concrete Masonry
  • Stucco Masonry

Dominate the Game: Master Your Craft and Rise Above the Competition

No commercial project can last an eternity. And following the high industrialization in business districts, commercial masonry buildings are liable to an even faster deterioration process.

Your options, as the commercial owner, lies in employing skilled masons to do a top-notch installation – complete with waterproofing and whatnot, which will help prolong the service life. 

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    To retain your future commercial business in the best condition or hike its value over time calls for:

    • Parging to seal concrete surfaces to i. improve the finish or ii. Prevent further deterioration.
    • Flatwork to restore a stone-covered lateral surface (that’s cracked, stained, flaked, or chipped) to its original glory.
    • Chimney restoration for poorly designed or old chimneys to one, improve the building’s aesthetics, two, ensure proper ventilation, and three, reduce the possibility of a fire hazard. 
    • Glass blocking to
    • Provide more natural lighting,
    • Replace normal windows while increasing the load-carrying capacity of the walls,
    • Restore damaged glass block areas.
    • Repointing, to remove and replace sagging mortar joints.
    • Tuck-pointing, to remove any damaged mortar and repoint the joints – to prevent further structural and water deterioration.
    • Brick tinting to result in a uniform/consistent work.
    • Brick, block, or façade replacement to
    • Remove damaged units, or
    • Enhance property aesthetics

    Loading Dock

    Loading docks are the arrival and departure point for large shipments brought to or taken from a building by trucks and vans. The loading dock space type described here includes a shipping and receiving dock for trucks and vans, a staging area, and at least one office  space for dock supervisors or managers. 

    And they are designed for function and durability. Also, to ensure the security and safety of their users and occupants of the adjacent spaces. 

    Commercial Masonry Contractor

    Commercial masonry contractors are responsible for carrying out a variety of projects, from new construction to commercial restoration. A reliable contractor should be able to provide a range of services such as tuck pointing which enable them to meet the needs of any customer. In addition, many commercial restoration contractors specialize in repairing existing structures and preserving historical buildings.

    A qualified commercial masonry professional will have experience with all types of structures, ensuring that your project meets building codes while maintaining quality craftsmanship. They should also be able to suggest upgrades or improvements based on their expertise and knowledge of current trends.

    Benefits Of Commercial Masonry

    Commercial masonry is a great option for businesses, churches, and other commercial contracting companies. It can be used to create strong firewalls and elevator shafts, as well as stairwells that will last for years.

    Here are just some of the benefits of using a commercial masonry company:

    • Durability: Commercial masonry is much more durable than traditional building materials like wood or metal because it is much less susceptible to moisture damage or temperature changes.
    • Cost Effectiveness: Masonry is an affordable choice when compared with other construction methods due to its efficiency in terms of labor costs.
    • Aesthetics: Beautiful stone walls, columns, arches, and walkways can all be constructed from high quality masonry blocks and bricks.
    • Versatility: Masonry projects can range from small to large scale commercial buildings.
    • Longevity: With proper care and maintenance, brickwork and stonework can last decades.

    These benefits make hiring a professional commercial masonry contractor an attractive solution for many types of construction projects. From these advantages alone, one can easily see why so many people opt for this method over others when constructing structures for their business needs.

    Hiring A Commercial Masonry Contractor

    Hiring a commercial masonry professional is an important decision for any business. It’s essential to consider their experience and expertise in the field, as well as their availability and cost effectiveness before beginning your project.

    Here are some key points when considering a contractor:

    • Look through portfolios of previous work to get an idea of what they can do
    • Ask questions about permits, materials, and labor needed to ensure that you have all the information up front
    • Make sure that your contractor carries liability insurance so that you’re protected from potential damages or accidents during the job.

    By taking these simple steps, you can make sure you hire the right person for the job who will provide reliable and cost effective masonry solutions. Our Masons have completed very high end masonry projects in the last 20 years!

    Commercial Masonry Projects

    There are numerous applications for it, ranging from small interior walls to large-scale building facades and everything in between. 

    From educational institutions to office buildings, retail stores, hospitals and religious sites, this material can be seen everywhere. Its durability and long lasting nature makes it a perfect choice even when exposed to harsh weather conditions. Additionally, its aesthetic appeal has made it popular among architects and designers alike who want to create eye catching designs that stand out while being cost effective at the same time.

    With so many advantages associated with it, there’s no wonder why commercial masonry continues to remain attractive for various projects throughout different industries. As we look towards choosing the right material for our project requirements, let’s keep these benefits in mind.

    Choosing The Right Material

    When it comes to commercial masonry, choosing the right material is essential. Many factors need to be considered such as cost, durability and aesthetic appeal. Natural stone is often a popular choice due to its strength and natural beauty. It’s also fire-resistant and can handle extreme temperatures better than other materials like brick or concrete.

    Other advantages include easy maintenance and low labor costs for installation. On the downside, natural stone tends to be more expensive and heavier than other materials. Additionally, it’s difficult to work with since it must be cut into specific shapes before being set in place.

    Ultimately, you’ll want to weigh all these pros and cons carefully when making your decision so that you get the best value for your money while still achieving the desired result.

    Discover the hidden beauty of upcycled treasures for your home

    Reclaimed materials are an excellent way to bring cost-effectiveness into any masonry project. Upcycling existing building components can not only be more affordable, but also help preserve the environment by reducing waste. Plus, it’s a great way to add some extra character and charm to whatever you’re creating! Why not?

    It can even be used as a feature in your design – think exposed brick walls or repurposed hardwood floors. With so many options out there, reclaiming materials is definitely worth exploring when trying to find an economical solution for masonry projects. Call Kelowna Pro Masonry for a free estimate!!

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