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Imagine a world where the buildings we inhabit are not just structures, but works of art. A world where every brick, every stone, every piece of masonry is carefully crafted to create a visually stunning Facade. In this world, we are not just Brick Workers, but artists, sculpting our cities with our hands.

We are the Brick Experts, the masters of masonry. We understand the intricacies of each brick, the way it fits together with its neighbors to create a seamless whole. KPM know the importance of precision, of getting every angle just right. Our hands are calloused, our fingers stained with Mortar, but we take pride in our work.

But it is the Masonry Facade that truly sets our work apart. We carefully select each brick, examining its color, its texture, its size. We lay them out, one by one, creating patterns and designs that catch the eye and captivate the imagination. It is a labor of love, a testament to our skill and dedication.

As the sun sets, we step back and admire our handiwork. The building stands tall and proud, its masonry facade a testament to the beauty that can be achieved when craftsmanship meets artistry. Passersby stop and stare, their eyes drawn to the intricate patterns and the play of light and shadow.

We are not just brick workers, we are creators, Kelowna Pro Masonry! We have transformed a simple construction site into a work of art, a place that inspires and uplifts. Our masonry facade is not just a wall, it is a canvas, a reflection of our passion and our commitment to excellence.


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    What's the Difference Between Veneer and Facade?

    Let’s start with Masonry Veneer. It’s like a thin layer of makeup that enhances the beauty of a building. It’s applied to the exterior walls, giving them a polished and refined look. The veneer is made up of individual pieces of stone or brick, carefully arranged and adhered to the wall. It’s like a puzzle, with each piece fitting perfectly into place. The result is a seamless and elegant finish that adds character and charm to any building.

    On the other hand, masonry facade is like a full face of makeup. It’s not just a thin layer, but a complete transformation. Facade is a term used to describe the entire exterior of a building, including the walls, windows, and doors. It’s a holistic approach to design, where every element is considered and integrated into the overall aesthetic. Facade can be made up of various materials, such as stone, brick, glass, or metal. It’s a versatile technique that allows for endless possibilities in terms of design and style. KPM truly mastered the Art of Facade with Unique Design! Call Us to give your house that Special touch!


    Unleash Your Creativity: Embrace the Versatility of Masonry Facades

    For centuries, mankind is using stones to build long-lasting and innovative structures. They are tough, reliable, and look great at the same time. Mostly, stones have Unique Patterns, which make them stand out from the crowd. 

    Whether you are designing a retaining wall or building a mailbox, stones are a good option for any structure. Combining our stonework experience, it is guaranteed that you will be surprised at the end of the project. 

    Apart from natural stones, we also use artificial ones. Both have their advantages which makes them a better option in certain circumstances. For instance, artificial stones are available in custom sizes, many colors, and are less in weight. It requires less labor cost compared to natural stone.

    Natural stones are durable, reusable, weather-resistance, and heavy. Most importantly, you don’t see their color fading for centuries. Due to their heavy weight, they offer extra stability. However, they are difficult to manage which required more labor. Natural Stone is a good option for outdoor construction while the manufactured stone is worth using inside. Talk to our professionals and we will guide you on what’s the suitable option for you.  After all, your masonry contractor in Kelowna should use a wide array of stones, bricks, blocks to give you the best option possible to complete your projects.

    Schedule a Meeting and Start building

    Being one of the most reputable Kelowna masonry contractors, we welcome you to schedule a consultation with us. Our experience of years in the business explains our expertise. We have served thousands of clients and the list continues.

    For those who want to create something really unique, something that meets your house standards, you can trust our masonry services. For every project, we assign a dedicated professional to take care of it. Our team ensures on-team completion and the highest level of quality. 

    If you are all set to transform your yard into an exceptional outdoor space, give us a call and discuss your ideas. 

    Brick House Mason Kelowna Bricklayer

    KPM construct Amazing Home Facade

    You will be captivated by the beauty of the masonry facade. The intricate patterns and textures brought the building to life, making it stand out among the rest. It was a testament to the craftsmanship and skill of the masonry contractor.

    Our attention to detail is impeccable, with each brick carefully placed to create a seamless and stunning design. The masonry facade not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the building, but it also provided durability and strength. It was a true work of art that will leave you in awe. Kelowna Pro Masonry will make your dream come true! 

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